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D*ruffalo just loves Hamburg. We’ve been most certainly used to cities, clubs, DJs and local media and authorities trying all their best to prevent the D*ruffalo Hit Squad from taking over the party, but those cherished folks in Hamburg even tried to keep us away by folding a whole club night cooperation. Thus there will be no tea dance on Sunday at Oberhafen Kantine, but we thought we should honour this truly dedicated effort by occupying other spots around town for three nights in a row. So, here it is, the D.H.S. in near orchestral strength is coming to town, playing crates of the seminal tuneage that made up the Druffmix legacy.

The schedule:

03.09. THIER 22:00 (Special “Reclaim the Schanze – with love-o-love” set, feat. a guest spot  by someone with kissing and a hugging 7″s)
04.09. BETA LOUNGE 16:00 (Special 6+ hours New Bromantics set, streamed live from 4pm to 10.30 pm via
05.09. DANIELA 22:00 (Special bail fundraiser set for all the D*ruffalo editors arrested the two nights before)

Please understand that there will be no running order, it’ll be difficult enough to make sure that all the announced members of D*ruffalo will be present at the aforementioned dates.

Please note that that the D*ruffalo Hit Squad should by all means be informed three hours in advance that the venue is about to close down.

For press inquiries, please note that editor 1 doesn’t do interviews, editor 4 should not be approached while in the mix (or thinking about the next record), editor 5 is not to be disturbed when talking to females (includes potential female interviewers), editor 2 should not be interviewed by female interviewers at all, and questions for editor 3 have to be approved by his assistants first.

All D*ruffalo staff may be photographed, but only from  bottom left up, top right down, or from behind. No photographs with alcohol, cigarettes, or any sexual activity. Group photographs possible, at least theoretically.

The D*ruffalo crew like to hold up signs, napkins, or wear shirts with anything you will write or draw for them, but only in case editor 2 is not able to join the lineup, and needs to be annoyed.

The D*ruffalo Summer Outing 2010 (Hamburg Edition) – We drink, you dance!

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