Weather Report

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Daily Weather Report

Winter approaching

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Hey..look at these guys in their pork pies and sheepskins…yes, winter creeps in, slowly but steadily. the time between here (Lidl stocking up chocolate santas) and Christmas is one of the best times in the year. We cant wait to get the Elf DVD out again to take the 1000th glimpse of Zooey Deschanel. Get ready, buy your coats and hats now.


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Oh, what to wear?

Weather is nice, still

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After finally havin spent the breakfast with Prince´s Planet earth (very nicely milking the essence of bacharach/lennon/mccartney/chic and selfreferences from purple rain to parade…check out the all Over my face-ish Chelsea Rodgers that makes Central Park West Roller Rink Addicts break out in instantanous body popping – however which might be a bit too sugary for the visionary neo deep housist followers of modern Inner Cities) I went down to Loftus Road to watch the Celtic invasion of QPR. Sadly, not since my holy first communion in 1979 I havent seen so many Roman Catholic underdogs with too much drink. the best dressed people were the British Transport Police with their immaculate starched white shirts. After having seen the most unhealthy looking people since checking the bathroom mirror at my last visit to the White Trash Berlin… I “fooked” off home going for a 2004 St Aubin, 1er Cru Les Castets (Hubert Lamy Burgundy, France).

Late in the evening I realized that this is not the daily magazine for excess culture yet, rather a catalogue of cool for dad rock fantasies and mid life crisis funk. we have to set up a conference call between L.A., Hamburg and Albion to discuss new directions (and the limited edition acid house druffalo t shirt). But on the other hand, who wants to frontline report on shit like german wasted youth? hmmm. see you in Bar 25 soon, guys.

Sat´s blurb (oh “blurb” sounds so silicon valley…)
As the weather is nice today we will do the following: shopping (at Galerie Al Fayed in Knightsbride, last day of sale), uploading of new SG tracks, watching Tour De France, drinking a bottle of 2005 Bourgogne Rouge (jean-Jacques Girard, France), homework, eating poch beef fillet with chicory and pecan nut salad and checking out Prince`s Earth.