The Minister Of Nothing – Long Wave 4

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‘Long Wave 4’ – a radio show for Resonance104.4fm by The Minister Of Nothing on Mixcloud

iDEAL MiXTAPE SEVEN – A Spiral by Philip Marshall

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The Great Format Wars Of The 21st Century

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From freezing on the spot as the song on the radio show started to fade, hoping that the show’s presenter will not start talking too soon, to recording your innermost feelings for an adorable target of the other or the same sex, swapping rare items with knowledgeable friends, reading about social outcasts doing Einstürzende Neubauten impersonations in self-designed 50 item editions in rural areas (amongst countless other releases from the very same month and even weirder),  getting hands on the 46th copy of that particular DJ playing that particular club in that particular year: As far as formats are concerned, cassettes were always, and will always be the sensualist’s choice.

Hey you, the one sorting your 16th mobile terabyte Hard Disk into the shelf, listen to this!

Kissing it all goodbye…

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philip marshall

A very personal treat from our dear friend Philip for Modyfier. It’s stunning.


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Let us present you with Philip’s analysis of “Introspective”, also the last thing we ever heard of him until he left for a Berlin weekend a few days back. Philip, wherever you are, kisses!!

Muting the boys

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After featuring the impeccable talents of Philip Marshall we would like to draw your attention to a rare live recording of the other glambient master:  Terre Thaemlitz.

Of An Acoustic Nature – live in Calgary 06-01-1996

Props for Count Zero for sharing this. It is hyper-specific!


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Druffalo wholeheartedly admires Philip Marshall, who is graphic and web designer to the stars (we still heart his work for the amazing Zerocrop albums, Helmut Newton, ZTT, Comme des Garçons, among countless others), Minister of Nothing for the KREV, Tillmanns model, Pet Shop Boys afficionado, Berghain regular and most importantly: a super fine person.

This February and March, his audio work Three Questions and an Answer is exhibited in Berlin, and we would oblige you to visit.

In the artist’s own words:

Dear all,

Late last year I was asked by my friend D-L Alvarez to contribute a sound piece for an exhibition, opening this month at Exile Gallery in Berlin as part of a group show titled Psychometry. The show is part of this month’s 59th Berlinale. My response to the brief was to produce 40+ minutes of audio which has now, thanks to the support of Mike Harding from the Ash International imprint, been manufactured into a cassette in an edition of 104 copies only.

The release is titled “Three Questions and an Answer” and comprises two tracks, titled “Angel” and “Ghost”, with an inlay designed by myself, featuring the fantastic photography of Eddie Nuttall. Due to the limited nature of the cassette production run and the fact it was bankrolled by Ash International, I do not have copies to give away. So, if you would like to hear the results of my work, please visit and grab yourself a copy, or alternatively, swing by Exile in Kreuzberg between February 07 – March 21, 2009 and experience it in situ.

And, for those of you without a tape deck, an edit of one of the tracks can be streamed by visiting

But that is not all. As you probably would suspect, Philip’s taste in music is exquisite. The mixes he generously directed in our direction in the past are so thoughtfully selected, confusing and grand that our music editor once despaired for lack of words to describe the listening experience, and upon surrendering invented a whole genre for him: “Glambience” (Step off, we got it trademarked).
As an exclusive Druffalo presentation, we could charm Philip into granting access to a few of his astonishing aural sculptures. Make sure you do not miss out on these multi-dimensional excursions into glambient (Yep, also trademarked):
Gensui Industries Promo Broadcast
Invocation Destruction
Fixed Grin