Song for Editor 2 and 3

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The Hamburg Trail

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Editor 1: Come on, Editor 2! This is just a scratch. This won’t get you down.

Editor 4: Get up, don’t do this to us.

Editor 2: Damn, fellas. This fucking hurts. I don’t think I can make it.

Editor 5: Shit, can nobody do something? Where did that shot come from?

Editor 1: I don’t know for sure. All I can say is that someone was riding damn fast, and riding in exactly the same direction we were heading for.

Editor 4: They really do their best to keep us from going there, don’t they? At least give him a Kruso to ease the pain or something.

Editor 5: Which Kruso do you mean exactly? We finished the last drop of our supply half an hour after we jumped on our horses. And we had only made a mile then.

Editor 1: I just don’t believe it. First Editor 3 got hit by that assistant bitch, and now…

Editor 2: It’s… so… cold…

Editor 4: Do we have blankets?

Editor 5: Nope.

Editor 4: Shit, he is turning all pale.

Editor 1: Quiet,  don’t fucking scream the truth right in his face right, will you?

Editor 5: That coward assistant bitch. Hitting our man Editor 3 straight from behind. I always said you can’t trust those types!

Editor 4: Can we please have this discussion another time, please?

Editor 2: I hear…voices.

Editor 1: Ours?

Editor 2: …who?

Editor 4: Oh dear, I think we’re losing him.

Editor 5: Can we somehow bring him back? He seems all gone already!

Editor 1: Hey, Editor 2!

Editor 2: …

Editor 1: Wake up!

Editor 2: … yeah?

Editor 1: Are you horny?

Editor 2: I… don’t………..know…

Editor 1: Uh-oh.

Editor 4: Okay, fuck.  That’s it. He’s almost gone.

Editor 5:  Hey, do you see some light or something?

Editor 1: Oh, please!

Editor 5: What? Editor 3 mumbled something about a light before he passed away!

Editor 4: Yeah, a light for his cigarette.

Editor 5: Ah, yeah.  I forgot.

Editor 1: Look, he wants to say something!

Editor 4: Louder, Editor 2, try to speak up a bit!

Editor 2: …fellas, ….it’s…been……………. a hell….of a ride………but…but….now…..leave me……here……..and……….and

Editor 5: Yeah?

Editor 2: ….

Editor 4: And?

Editor 2: …..once you get to Hamburg……make sure you……rock ‘em…. the D*ruffalo way, take no prisoners…..drink them empty…. and say hi to the girls…..will…….will you?

Editor 1: You can fucking bet we do.

Editor 4: Okay, now this is personal.

Editor 5: We need more ammo.

Editor 1: We’re going to tell somebody the news, right?

Editor 5: Sure thing.

Editor 4: Forget about Alamo. This one’s going to be epic.

Islands In The Stream

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||||| Beta Lounge Hamburg presents
||||| in affiliation with nsec:
|||| check:

|||| hosted by the Beta Lounge Crew

|||| + Dr. Olt & The Encoders & Simonsta
|||| Hamburger Botschaft / Sternstr. 67
|||| Sa. 04.09.10  18:00 – 22.00 cet
|||| transcontinental support by Sanchez de Wit & the S.F. Massive
|||| livestream on

|||| props to everybody supportin us…
|||| one love…
|||| The D*ruffalo Hit Squad Hansedruff Weekender
|||| D*ruffalo Summer Outing 2010:
|||| 03.09. Thier
|||| 04.09. Beta Lounge
|||| 05.09. Daniela

Nico Tasse = God?

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hardly! Rather overhyped 90s aesthetics.

Daddy D*

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With soon two fifth (percentage probably rising) of the editorial super power of this ultra hot publication enjoying fatherhood, we thought it is time to give them a big up to their chest.

This is for the dads of the Alfies and Millas out there. Kisses!

The D*ruffalo art forum

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D*ruffalo editors are very generous people. That’s why today we are giving you this masterpiece with a Duschampesque touch of… hmm we forgot for free download.  Actually we can not give you the name of the artist as contracts are being made at this time.  And no, this is not part of the Facebook source code… is it?


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Unidentified Floor Object

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…has landed.

Its only the test press. But its im-press-ing.


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D*ruffalo just loves Hamburg. We’ve been most certainly used to cities, clubs, DJs and local media and authorities trying all their best to prevent the D*ruffalo Hit Squad from taking over the party, but those cherished folks in Hamburg even tried to keep us away by folding a whole club night cooperation. Thus there will be no tea dance on Sunday at Oberhafen Kantine, but we thought we should honour this truly dedicated effort by occupying other spots around town for three nights in a row. So, here it is, the D.H.S. in near orchestral strength is coming to town, playing crates of the seminal tuneage that made up the Druffmix legacy.

The schedule:

03.09. THIER 22:00 (Special “Reclaim the Schanze – with love-o-love” set, feat. a guest spot  by someone with kissing and a hugging 7″s)
04.09. BETA LOUNGE 16:00 (Special 6+ hours New Bromantics set, streamed live from 4pm to 10.30 pm via
05.09. DANIELA 22:00 (Special bail fundraiser set for all the D*ruffalo editors arrested the two nights before)

Please understand that there will be no running order, it’ll be difficult enough to make sure that all the announced members of D*ruffalo will be present at the aforementioned dates.

Please note that that the D*ruffalo Hit Squad should by all means be informed three hours in advance that the venue is about to close down.

For press inquiries, please note that editor 1 doesn’t do interviews, editor 4 should not be approached while in the mix (or thinking about the next record), editor 5 is not to be disturbed when talking to females (includes potential female interviewers), editor 2 should not be interviewed by female interviewers at all, and questions for editor 3 have to be approved by his assistants first.

All D*ruffalo staff may be photographed, but only from  bottom left up, top right down, or from behind. No photographs with alcohol, cigarettes, or any sexual activity. Group photographs possible, at least theoretically.

The D*ruffalo crew like to hold up signs, napkins, or wear shirts with anything you will write or draw for them, but only in case editor 2 is not able to join the lineup, and needs to be annoyed.

The D*ruffalo Summer Outing 2010 (Hamburg Edition) – We drink, you dance!

Hell on Perth

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“Fucking hell [pardon the pun] – where did you learn English, maan? In Sacramento?”

The Best

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I`d rather go naked than wear Fuehrer

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Hier check out Hipster Hitler.

The Druffalo Weekend Theme Song

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The Void

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This afternoon, while watching a documentary about Texas (something so detached from our interests it might as well be the outer rim of the dark side of the dark side of the moon) we came upon this  fiftysomething former wealthy agent for juridical literature (something D*ruffalo is VERY interested in), who turned convict, then ex-convict, found Jesus and now helped other convicts just released from prison to find their way. Needless to say, Jesus played a major part in the consulting. There were psalms, weird handshakes, lots of amens, and very determined gazes.

And then, from out of the blue, there was a thought. A thought that can only occur to people who believe in the force from above as told by Holly Johnson, and not as told by Jerry Falwell. Who keep the faith the boys up North did, because you could dance to it, it was true, and it was moving. A thought that can only occur to people who know well enough that their very own gospel wasn’t the only truth, and thus if telling it from the mountain, the mountain should not be too high, and the valley not too low.

And the thought was:

If there was a truly final proof that God does not exist, and all of it was a lie, no use denying, what would people do who base all their doings and thinkings on nothing else than just the written word of  Bible, The Koran, Siddhartha Gautama?

Who love and kill in the name of, who praise and sing whilst doing so, who devote and base their whole existence on something that now, hypothetically but officially, does not exist?

To put it the D*ruffalo way, they would FREAK OUT, but not the Chic Organization Ltd. way.

Just saying.

Clap! Your! Hands! for/with Groover Klein!

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Finally, Groover Klein, one of the most inspirational forces behind this blog, one of our first favoured DJ’s and a man without whom we would be missing so much good stuff, has made a mixtape.

Whether Milk!, Mannheim, in the very early golden moments of the nineties, where he almost single-handedly brought the joys of Nu Groove and the like to the German South West, Mayday III or later Boogiebar where he set new standards: Groover Klein delivered more goods than anybody else.

Groover Klein was always at the edge of things and deeply rooted in the tradition that made this edge possible in the first place. He loves melody and motion. He paints the fine stuff and the big strokes. He is the number 1 boss DJ and he is our idol.

Finally here is one of his once every three years mixtapes.
We love it like we love him.

Groover Klein Mixtape 22-08-2010 by grooverklein