hello this is the editorial executive team of DRUFFALO, the MAGAZINE THAT SHAPED THE TERM “NEW BROMANTICS”, THE pravda which is born to lead not to read. Some say we are cut-and-paste-punks with no html skills, others say we are a group of directional dressers running black ops from the shadows of glamour, the most clued up, edgiest, strongest and smartest lame ass crusties in town…towns in fact. we love ibiza raves, 80s synthie pop, salsoul, punk and rockabilly. we love northern soul dos and reggae soundclashs, hip hop backrooms and rock’n'roll bars.we are acid house and football. we love beer and champagne, apc and stone island. ok people say we are gay nuyorican amateur football casuals riding scooters in dior homme suits and red wayfarers (optional bjorn borg tops and adidas rom) who love to listen to new wave and dance to disco – so what? actually we are a secret cabal of ueberhipsters with a serious attention deficiency syndrome who during daytime disguise as nerds. as a very smart man from across the river danube has wisely put it: Un ballo nuovo porta ritmo nei fiancho della cittá Ci vendiamo, trovimo, chiediamo che cosa si fa Ma non cercate die volori, e magari sensation La notte e’nostra fin al mattino abbiamo illusion no E’la fine del viaggino, ce’ sempre un domani e Ci sono dimensioni, con illusioni e sensazioni. Give me more … Young romans – there is a night before each day and that price is still to pay Never stop this old erosion phantastic voyage……. and if you have something to say (or believe so) please send your snippets and artifacts to us. if you want to be a member of the shadow society ™, do not contact us, we will contact you. watch this space for more